Vagabonds​/​Spider Mansion Split EP

by Vagabonds

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courtney sams
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courtney sams Emo wrapped in upbeat indie-flavored candy coating//Emo deconstructed down to punk rage- This split has something for all of your dark high school days Favorite track: Escape Routes.
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Sam wrote the Spider Mansion songs.
Luke wrote the Vagabonds songs.

Stay young.


released May 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Vagabonds Grand Rapids, Michigan

All hail the great Mitten.


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Track Name: Escape Routes
my friends all want to die
and then sometimes
well, sometimes so do I

we'll stick together
but we're so alone
we're so alone
all the time

this is hard for me to talk about
how we spend a lifetime just looking
looking for a way out

and all the drinks and all the drugs
and all the pain and all the lust
is killing you
and that's killing us

but when we were young
we used to say
"one day we'll be alive
we'll see this great world of ours
with eyes open wide"

now all you want
is to escape the shell you're in
so you found an escape route
on a dark road
paved with medicine

I walked through the door
for what I thought might be the last time
you collapsed to the floor
just moments after trying to take your life

a cup of water and ice
forced in your body so you could throw up your insides
because the chemicals tried to take you away

but you're still alive
we're so alive
Track Name: Two Weeks
I hope I never make you proud
you were silent
and I reached out

I'll never give you another chance
to let me down

and I'm screaming about
a man that I don't even know
but somehow you got a hold
so no please just let me go

this tortured me for years
and made me think some things
that I have never told
but somehow I let you go

you broke this family's heart
you cursed us from the start
spit on the letter that I wrote
but somehow I let you go

by God, I let you go

I let you go

(and I always hoped I'd make you proud)